Network Support & Maintenance

The administration and maintaining of any network is full of surprises and support issues. We can take the network support process off your hands, so instead of struggling with your network, you can focus on innovation and running your organization.

IT Consulting

It’s time to upgrade your outdated hardware and software, but where do you start? Our team can come in, sit down and get a real understanding of where you are and what IT solutions are right for you. We can assess, plan, and execute a complete strategy for your IT needs.

Website Hosting

In addition to developing interactive websites, PC Closure can also provide a complete suite of hosting solutions for any website. Whether you are looking to host a simple brochure website or a large and complex e-commerce shopping cart, we can have you live in minutes.

Network Setup & Installation

Setting up and installing even a small network can be a daunting task. If you have a large network, it will only be that much more difficult. Take the hassle out of trying to setup your network; let us do it for you and do it right.

VoIP Phone Setup & Configuration

It’s time to ditch that expensive phone system and trade for a new VoIP phone solution. VoIP uses the power and speed of the Internet, and with 3CX we can provide a feature rich experience, for a fraction of the cost.

Secured Data Transportation

In the case of relocating a large amount data or data which is highly sensitive, it is best to physically transport that information. We can provide secured data transportation, ensuring the integrity and security of your sensitive data, until its arrival at its final destination.

Web Apps & Hosted Solutions

Does your team use Microsoft products for work at the office? Leave the office and stay organized with options such as Microsoft Exchange. Streamline your processes, increase efficiency in daily operations and connect your team with hosted solutions from PC Closure.

Enterprise Data Management

Can’t afford to take your IT services in-house? Let us handle it for you. In-house IT infrastructure means high costs and high risk. We can save you money on equipment, software, security measures and training, while also eliminating numerous risk factors..

Network Audits & Security

Small networks deserve the same security as a large enterprise network; both contain data that is sensitive and must be protected. PC Closure’s team of IT Network experts can assess the risk and provide your organization with all the security tools necessary to keep your data safe.

Offsite Data Backup

The data is piling up and your make-shift storage situation is not working. Your backup process is tedious, contains security risks and buying all those hard drives or memory sticks is getting expensive. Cut costs and save time with our automated and secured data backup.

Cloud App Integration

You’ve heard about this so-called “Cloud,” now harness its power. Store data, connect with employees, share documents, organize and keep track of customer records; all while syncing in real-time with Cloud Application Integration from PC Closure.

Disaster Recovery

Most organizations do not have the proper data backup or security measures in place. Unfortunately, when disaster strikes, it’s already too late. We understand how frustrating it can be to lose your sensitive data and information. When you fall victim to an IT disaster, call us.

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